Ravenloft - Ironfang Invasion


River Corpse
Handy Haversack – John Craig
Bear Trap – Charles
Climber’s Kit – Climber’s Kit
2 Waterskins
Animal Skins Worth 150 gp.
Heavy Steel Shield
Studded Leather
Mwk Longsword
5 javelins
282 gp
96 sp
1 head
Mwk Studded Leather
+1 dagger
composite shortbow +1 str (20 arrows)
oil of darkness
1 potion of cat’s grace
6 oil of taggit
375 gp
map of the caverns
package of parchment and wax
Potion of clw x1
quiver of 20 arrows
5 +1 flaming arrows Jonathan
Mwk Longsword
Mwk Hand Axe
+1 longbow


arcanyx1983 arcanyx1983

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