Ravenloft - Ironfang Invasion


Greenblood Oil x6 – Pchela
Wristsheathe – Miles
Masterwork Dagger – Miles
Funky Ring With Rabbits – Ring of Jumping +5
Wand of Grease – 5 charges
Wand of Prestigitation 31 charges
2 elixirs of tumbling – Ayame
set of juggling balls – Ayame
Mwk Silver Rapier
Mwk Steel Shield
+1 Buckler of Droskar
Mwk Battleaxe
Mwk Hand Axe
2 potions of cure light wounds
2 alchemist fires
Composite Longbow (str +2)
20 arrows
Studded Leather Armor
Sack of Wand of Magic MIssile 12 charges
Silver Cup worth 15 gp
Darkwood 20 gp butterfly
3 bottles of whiskey 20 gp each
100 gp of gold dust
27 1gp stones
76 gp
Round ivory of Erastil – 10 gp – Halfling
150 gp of silver dust.
Aegis of Recovery (Pchela)
wand of cure light wounds 21 charges


arcanyx1983 arcanyx1983

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