Ravenloft - Ironfang Invasion


Bee Hives x3
Animals x1

Alchemist Shops

Portable Alchemist Lab
Key opens open alot of stuff.
200 gp in Alchemical Components – 600 gp in alchemical items
Envelop (2) – Dust of illusion; Dust of Tracelessness
3 vials antiplague
5 bloodblock
bottle of fireward gel
2 flasks of defoliant
Mortar and pestal 50 gp
- Cellar -
Notes and Strange Components
“Stump Remover”
2 potions cure light wounds
1 potion of invisibility
3 alchemist fires
1 healer’s kit
1 antitoxin
5 oil flasks
2 smokesticks
1 tanglefoot bag
2 thunderstones
leather armor
3 daggers
heavy mace
hooded lantern
16 gp
3 potions of cure light wounds
potion fo endure elements
2 alchemist fires
3 doses of scentcloak
masterwork breastplate
masterwork buckler
masterwork cold iron scimitar
masterwork light crossbow
16 bolts
animal harness
Signal Whistle
50 ft. Silkrope
small tent
set of masterwork bolas
masterwork javelin
50 feet of spidersilk rope
bag of caltrops
healer’s kit
clothing dyes
3 bolts of cotton cloth
8 sewing needles
pair of scissors
4 spools of thread
shaving kit
2 potions of pass without trace
medium + 1 dagger
1 boot of springing and striding


Greenblood Oil x6 – Pchela
Wristsheathe – Miles
Masterwork Dagger – Miles
Funky Ring With Rabbits – Ring of Jumping +5
Wand of Grease – 5 charges
Wand of Prestigitation 31 charges
2 elixirs of tumbling – Ayame
set of juggling balls – Ayame
Mwk Silver Rapier
Mwk Steel Shield
+1 Buckler of Droskar
Mwk Battleaxe
Mwk Hand Axe
2 potions of cure light wounds
2 alchemist fires
Composite Longbow (str +2)
20 arrows
Studded Leather Armor
Sack of Wand of Magic MIssile 12 charges
Silver Cup worth 15 gp
Darkwood 20 gp butterfly
3 bottles of whiskey 20 gp each
100 gp of gold dust
27 1gp stones
76 gp
Round ivory of Erastil – 10 gp – Halfling
150 gp of silver dust.
Aegis of Recovery (Pchela)
wand of cure light wounds 21 charges

Tavern Fight

2 longswords
2 longbows
40 arrows
2 light steel shield
2 studded leather armor (Symbols of the Mercenary Band that disappeared within thin air. The Iron Fang Legion.)
Masterwork Backpack
Heavy Crossbow
20 crossbow bolts
10 mwk crossbow bolts
8x potions of guidance
Wand of Magic Missile 11 charges
Divine scroll (Calm Animals, CLW, Magic Stone)
Dried goat meat
Sheep cheese
Jug of Sheep Milk

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